The Bulls Charge is a Chicago Bulls-based blog looking to give fans the best way of keeping up with the latest Bulls news, opinions, features and more.

It was created by founder and former owner/editor emeritus Brandon Pence in 2011, starting with the piece, “The Sweathog Formula.” The post came after LeBron James found failure in the 2011 NBA Finals, losing to the Dallas Mavericks in his first season away from his home of Cleveland. Pence detailed what the formula is to build an NBA championship team.

Pence began the blog as a way to connect with Bulls and NBA fans around the world. As a Kentucky resident, basketball in his area is centered around the Kentucky Wildcats, but that has never been his passion. The Bulls were his passion, and he had a desire to write, so he took the two and brought them together for The Bulls Charge.

The Bulls Charge also acted as an outlet for Pence to share his religious beliefs and Jesus Christ’s message — just so visitors could have the choice to know more about Jesus It’s for that reason he always included a Bible verse or short devotional on the homepage.

In May 2015, Pence announced the end of his tenure as owner/editor of The Bulls Charge in his final piece, “2014-2015 Chicago Bulls Season Review: ‘Can’ Or Keep? Part 2.” Former contributor Ashley Wijangco took over as owner/editor afterwards.

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