“The Bulls Charge” is a Chicago Bulls blog committed to bringing you unbiased analysis and opinions on the beloved Chicago Bulls.

“The Bulls Charge” was founded in 2011 by Brandon Pence.  After LeBron James found failure in the 2011 NBA Finals losing to the Dallas Mavericks in his first season away from his home of Cleveland, Pence crafted a half-baked theory that NBA champions had to be built like successful TV shows and used the 1970s show “Welcome Back, Kotter” as an example of that formula. This is the kind of content we have produced since then.

Pence began the blog as a way to connect with Bulls and NBA fans around the world. As a Kentucky resident, basketball in his area is centered around the Kentucky Wildcats, but that has never been his passion. The Bulls were his passion, and he had a desire to write, so he took the two and brought them together for “The Bulls Charge.”

Pence decided to step away from “The Bulls Charge” in 2015 and handed the reigns to former contributor & editor, Ashley Wijangco.  Wijangco continued operation of “The Bulls Charge” until March of 2020 when Pence decided to comeback to the Bulls media scene.  He is still the operator of “The Bulls Charge” today.

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