The State of the Chicago Bulls

When the Bulls traded Jimmy Butler in 2017, it was the beginning of a new era. The “grit-and-grind” Bulls of the Tom Thibodeau era were long gone and the Bulls were going to modernize the franchise and move towards “pace-and-space” and an exciting brand of basketball. At least, that’s what fans expected with the piecesContinue reading “The State of the Chicago Bulls”

Fast Break: Why Lauri’s Back to Back 30 Point Games Matter

If you’ve followed my Twitter account for any period of time, you know I’m a Lauri Markkanen guy. I wrote a piece recently about the forecast being good on “Lauri Island” and I absolutely believe in his potential as a player. Last night, he had a magnificent three quarters, scoring 30 points, and looking everyContinue reading “Fast Break: Why Lauri’s Back to Back 30 Point Games Matter”

Zach LaVine is Making The Leap

Frankly, this is a piece I never thought I’d write. Nobody has been a bigger critic of Zach LaVine than me. When he came to Chicago, I reacted in disgust to the point that people from Minnesota would tweet back and tell me “how much I’d love this kid” and “how badly he wants toContinue reading “Zach LaVine is Making The Leap”