Defending Tom Thibodeau

“See Red” Fred Pfeiffer, recently declared Tom Thibodeau second on his seven most overrated Chicago Bulls of all-time. Fred, who is sometimes delusional in his Chicago Bulls optimism, has been on the attack for several years in regards to Thibs’ time with the Bulls. Was Thibodeau really overrated? Did Thibs run his players into the ground? Was Thibs unwilling to shift into the modern era? Let’s answer each question individually.

Forgiving Derrick Rose

When the Bulls traded Derrick Rose last year, I wasn’t exactly heartbroken. Some fans were and they proclaimed that he was their guy and they would keep supporting him. Forgive me, but I’d rather eat a roach infested cake out of a dumpster than cheer for the New York Knicks in any fashion (except for the movie “Eddie”). Rose was gone, the Rose-era was dead, and the Bulls were moving on.