The Hopeless Chicago Bulls

I wrote a guest post for On Tap Sports about the hopelessness of the Chicago Bulls franchise and what this all means going forward. READ IT HERE:

The Chicago Bulls Are One Major Piece Short

Coming into this season, expectations were high.  Bulls management, coaches, and fans seemed to be aligned:  This is the season the Bulls turn it around and start competing for a playoff spot.  Granted, the East is so bad at the beginning of the season that this might be true, but more was expected of thisContinue reading “The Chicago Bulls Are One Major Piece Short”

Michael Jordan Drags The Bulls To Ring Number Six

Michael Jordan shoving Bryon Russell into obscurity and draining the game-winning shot for ring number six. How many times have you seen this picture? How many times have you watched the shot? How many times did you practice this exact shot outside your house or on the playground as a kid? For me, it was millions of times. This shot was the storybook ending to Michael Jordan’s illustrious career regardless of what he did in Washington. It’s one of the greatest shots, if not the greatest shot, in NBA history.