The Bulls Officially Lost the Jimmy Butler Trade

The tweet above was from media day leading into the 2017-2018 Chicago Bulls season. Gar/Pax routinely spoke about building a culture in Chicago, but what kind of culture were they trying to build? The Bulls traded Jimmy Butler, their then 3-time All-Star, to Minnesota for the potential of Zach LaVine – regarded as a volume scorer and great athlete – Kris Dunn, and the 7th pick which became Lauri Markkanen. This happened June 22nd, 2017. I remember sitting with friends watching the draft and finding out about it on Twitter before it was announced. I went silent.

Defending Tom Thibodeau

“See Red” Fred Pfeiffer, recently declared Tom Thibodeau second on his seven most overrated Chicago Bulls of all-time. Fred, who is sometimes delusional in his Chicago Bulls optimism, has been on the attack for several years in regards to Thibs’ time with the Bulls. Was Thibodeau really overrated? Did Thibs run his players into the ground? Was Thibs unwilling to shift into the modern era? Let’s answer each question individually.

The Hopeless Chicago Bulls

I wrote a guest post for On Tap Sports about the hopelessness of the Chicago Bulls franchise and what this all means going forward. READ IT HERE:

The Chicago Bulls Are One Major Piece Short

Coming into this season, expectations were high.  Bulls management, coaches, and fans seemed to be aligned:  This is the season the Bulls turn it around and start competing for a playoff spot.  Granted, the East is so bad at the beginning of the season that this might be true, but more was expected of thisContinue reading “The Chicago Bulls Are One Major Piece Short”