Forgiving Derrick Rose

When the Bulls traded Derrick Rose last year, I wasn’t exactly heartbroken. Some fans were and they proclaimed that he was their guy and they would keep supporting him. Forgive me, but I’d rather eat a roach infested cake out of a dumpster than cheer for the New York Knicks in any fashion (except for the movie “Eddie”). Rose was gone, the Rose-era was dead, and the Bulls were moving on.

Revisiting Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James: Who’s the GOAT?

I know, I know. This argument has been beaten to death. I’ve written about it twice myself: First, back in 2011 after LeBron melted down against the Mavericks, again in 2012 after LeBron won his first championship, again after LeBron said there was a ghost in Chicago he was chasing, and then after the 2016 Finals, in which LeBron’s last three games cemented his legacy as at least a top 10 player of all-time. But factors such as LeBron’s longevity, a growing generation of basketball fans that never experienced watching Michael Jordan play or never experienced watching him play for the Bulls, the YouTube generation and countless talking heads coronating LeBron James as the king of the NBA all-time makes this argument worth revisiting.

1995-1996 Throwback: Michael Jordan Silences The Critics

Nick Anderson stole the ball from a rusty Michael Jordan wearing #45.  Nick Anderson told reporters after the game: “No. 45 doesn’t explode like No. 23 used to. No. 45 is not No. 23. I couldn’t have done that to No. 23.” There was doubt that the Bulls could ever be those Bulls again, that Jordan’s time had passed, and the new generation was about to assert its place in NBA lore.  However, Michael Jordan wasn’t ready to relinquish his throne just yet. Brandon re-lives the beginning of the second three-peat.

Joakim Noah: Superstar?

The media has conditioned us to believe that guys who score 30 points a game, sell jerseys, and generally talk the talk are superstars. That’s why so many fans drool over the Carmelo Anthonys and Kevin Loves, even if they have never had any real NBA success outside of Carmelo’s Nuggets making the 2009 Western Conference Finals. There are guys that fall below the radar, but in reality are superstars and unless you’re a basketball nerd, you’d never really know it. Joakim Noah was one of those guys.